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02.03.20 - 18:00 - 21:15
Tallinn EBS

JCI Tallinn esitleb “Communication in Leadership: map your inner strengths and weaknesses”

Koolituse raames avastad oma tugevused ja nõrkused millest sa pole veel võib-olla isegi teadlik. Kas sa tead, millisena käitud stressiolukorras? Aga kuidas käituvad stressiolukorras sinu alluvad või tiimikaaslased? Kuidas ennast ja teisi stressisituatsioonis juhtida ning saavutada parim tulemus isegi pingelises keskkonnas? Vaid ennast tundes on sul võimalus areneda paremaks juhiks ja suhtlejaks.

Sellel koolitusel on meile abiks Lumina isiksusetüüpide süsteem ja Thomas Bothe kes on tunnustatud koolitaja ja kelle artiklitega saad tutvuda Äripäevas SIIN.

Koolitus toimub inglise keeles. Osalema on oodatud 17 inimest.

VABANES KOHT! Osta pilet siin:

Thomas koolitusest

As we walk the path of our professional lives, we sometimes feel we get side-tracked and sometimes we feel we get closer to our center of gravity. Those feelings are not always reliable. Even a great “intra-personal” intuition may never be 100%. Getting up to 80% is actually quite a feat.

This is where LuminaLearning comes in. A map is not the city, but a good guide with a good map can help you explore some relevant inner dynamics.

Thomas will facilitate an evening of playful self-exploration with max 15 people. You will get an idea how to harness some of the horses of your inner team and how to get them to collaborate …

Thomas Bothe LinkedIni leiad SIIN
Thomas has grown up in the milieu of logistics and transport in a German entrepreneurial family. At a young age he moved to Sweden, later UK, to Canada and back to Europe. During the 90s he served as a CEO in the electronics industry for German and Asian companies. The last 20 years he has trained ~ 2000 European CxOs to narrow the sometimes funny, often frustrating and always expensive gaps between their intent, their articulation and what people understood.

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